ESChat Radio Integration Overview

Secure PTT Communication between LTE and P25 Networks

Whether your radio network is Analog LMR, P25, DMR, Tetra, MotoTRBO or any other format, it is capable of interoperation with ESChat. There are many options available when it comes to integration. Whether you communicate in a Group oriented structure or require 1:1 calling between ESChat and LMR Users we have a solution for you.

The integration of LTE and LMR opens a wide range of options for users. Some reasons to integrate LMR and LTE PTT systems include:

  • Adding capacity to an LMR network without adding LMR infrastructure
  • Extending the coverage area of an LMR network beyond its typical local coverage area
  • Unifying PTT communication from numerous LMR networks. PTToC on the FirstNet system can and will be employed during incidents that require communications across different disciplines (law, fire, EMS) as well as when other jurisdictions whose LMR radios may not be compatible with those at the scene are called. FirstNet becomes first and foremost the main form of true interoperability between agencies.
  • Providing a means for command staff to monitor and communicate while out of LMR coverage and or to be included in the incident planning and decision-making process.
  • Providing the ability to carry a single device where non-mission-critical communication is required.

The transition from LMR to LTE-based PTT technologies is anticipated to take many years. It is therefore critical that during the transition the two systems interoperate to ensure LMR and LTE users can communicate with one another. Land Mobile Radio systems will only begin to be replaced when the public safety community comes to trust PTToC with its own lives. This may seem like an overstatement but it is not since PTT communications can be the only form of communications available to notify others of an officer in trouble, shots fired, or other incident that puts life in peril.

There are two general categories of LMRinteroperavility. Basic Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) and Advanced Radio Interoperability. Please click the links below for information on each option.

Basic RoIP Integration

Advanced P25 ISSI Integration

Advanced DMR AIS Integration